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The Climate Emergency exists because global temperatures have risen at rates incompatible with the natural world.

Global temperatures have consistently risen, due to the increasing amount of Carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, from the beginning of the industrial revolution when many cultures first became dependant on carbon emitting fossil fuels.

As natural systems collapse due to global warming, extreme weather is more likely. The effects of extreme weather include land loss which increases the potential for conflict due to water and food insecurity.

The term emergency is used because the consequences of global warming are extreme and emergency measure are required to overcome the issue.

Zero Carbon represents an alternative to fossil fuels, where societies thrive without fossil fuel dependancy, where zero carbon becomes the norm. Technological solutions currently exist for 70% of todays carbon emissions. As we transition from fossil fuels towards green energy, a zero carbon world can be created.

Kendal is not alone! Read this blog post for more info.

The Jury completed its discussions and published its recommendations in October 2020. Members of the Jury continue to support the Town Council at various events and represent the Jury at the Recommendations Panel to ensure the panel interpret the recommendations as they were intended.

If you would like to use the Recommendation Objects at a Community event please contact to arrange.

The purpose of COP26 was to agree how to limit global warming. Becoming carbon zero is the principle route for achieving that aim. COP26 agreed many things, and many are undecided if the agreements set represent a route to positive change – here’s a link to a good summary.

Follow this link to the ‘Learn More’ page for lots of information to support your carbon reduction journey.

Kendal Town Council are conducting an audit of Kendal’s solar potential, contact to see if your property has been highlighted. You can also read the case studies highlighted in the Energy map and contact local suppliers. Cumbria Action for Sustainability also offer solar information in their Sustainable Living Guide.

The size and age of your home will dictate your insulation choices, there isn’t a one size fits all approach however starting with your loft is a safe bet!

Expert advice is provided via the Cold to Cosy homes scheme, follow this link to find out more.

If you don’t qualify for this scheme you can access expert advice via

There are several charging points in Kendal, please see the Transport Map for links.

Growing your own food in your garden is a brilliant place to start or apply for an Allotment via

Kendal also has several community gardens, such as Appleby Road Community Garden, where you can learn more about growing. This link to RHS provides some great tips and starting points.

There are hundreds of ways to reduce your plastic footprint, from finding a milk round to switch to glass bottles to buying loose produce from crop shares or farmers markets. Shopping at Another Weigh in Kendal makes reducing plastic easy by enabling you to top up your everyday essentials rather than buy new plastic containers. A good starting point is to check your recycling and consider how much of what you buy can be sourced in an alternative way. For inspiration check out

Switching to a green energy supplier reduces your carbon footprint and supports renewable energy creation.

Many suppliers claim to offer renewable tariffs but have been found to revert back to the National Grid.

Do your own homework, some good starting points include Ecotricity and Octopus.

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