Kendal Town Council declared a Climate Emergency in 2019.

Following the declaration of a Climate Emergency, the Town Council’s first action was to convene the UK’s first town level Citizens Jury to answer the question ‘What Should Kendal do About Climate Change’.

The Jury was facilitated by Shared Future who convened experts and helped Jury members to answer the question and decide their recommendations.

By convening a Citizens Jury, Kendal Town Council has a citizen led mandate against business as usual. Projects and decisions are now assessed against the Jury’s recommendations.

To learn more about how the Jury was recruited, funded and overseen please click the read more button below.

The Kendal Climate Change Jury recommended actions within three broad Climate Change themes of Energy, Transport and Food & Farming. Once actioned, the recommendations will enable Kendal to become a leading light of positive Climate Action.

This website is a key part of the Jury’s recommendations – to increase awareness and make it easier for people to take action.

Increasingly, we know we must and we know we can – its time to say we will.*

This website is about creating a starting point for everyone’s unique carbon reduction journey.

Everyone’s transition to zero carbon will be different, we currently live in a carbon dependant culture and can only do what is within our current capabilities and awareness.

However, like many aspects of our lives, once you’ve made some time to learn a little more and be open to change – there will be something you can do to benefit yourself, your family and your town.

Please use this website to reflect, rethink and be part of the reimagining.*

*(Huge thanks to Cumbria Action for Sustainability for these wise words)

Jury member Mike

‘Everybody has to be part of the solution, we all have to work at it, it’s not something the government alone can make happen by magic’.

Jury member Sarah

‘At the end of the day we want our
kids and grandkids to still have
beautiful place to live’.

‘We should be hopeful, but hope doesn’t come from words, hope only comes from action’


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