MTP Printers are actively reducing carbon, read all about their actions below.

Our location in Kendal, on the edge of the glorious Lake District, means the environment is always at the forefront in our minds. 

Over the years we have continually strived to reduce our environmental impact, with projects both large and small. 

In February 2022 we installed a 40Kw solar PV install on our factory roof and expect to generate up to 70% of our electricity usage through solar power. This will reduce our carbon footprint significantly, and we believe this will make us the most environmentally friendly printer in Cumbria. This is really important, given our location and the types of customers we work for. We are 100% committed to providing the most environmentally friendly print we can. 

We’re really excited about installing the solar panels, as it meets the sustainability values of our company. We know there is a lot of greenwashing around at present as companies scramble to sound as environmentally friendly as possible. We have invested in tangible assets that give a measurable impact. We can record the output of our panels to generate accurate energy usage data. This represents real world generation of energy from 100% clean solar power. Not only that, but this project will continue to generate energy for 25 years to come.  The scheme was part funded by the European Regional Development fund, as part of the Low Carbon Lake District Grant SchemeAwarded via the Lake District Foundation

Over the last five years we have been replacing all our internal lighting with LED. The move away from outdated florescent tube lighting has reduced our energy usage on lighting by over 70%.

All our paper and card waste is collected and recycled by a reputable waste management company. 

On top of this, replacing older machines has substantially reduced our chemical usage in the press room and pre press over a number of years. When it comes to printing, we are a member of several carbon offsetting programmes. The carbon produced in the transportation and conversion of paper we purchase is offset by planting trees in the UK and in specific projects around the world.

We have made our process as environmentally friendly as possible by using vegetable oil-based inks and sustainably sourced paper. There is often a misconception about paper and its environmental impact. All the paper we use is predominantly sourced from Europe, is subject to strict standards and is hugely sustainable. More details about sustainability of print can be found on