Cliff Terrace Eco Lighting

Light polluting and carbon intensive street lights along Cliff Terrace on Low Fellside have been replaced with Kendal’s first Dark Skies and wildlife-friendly heritage-style lights by Dark Skies Cumbria, thanks to support from Kendal Town Council and Cumbria County Council.

The original Victorian cast iron lamp posts and lanterns were removed in the 1960-70s and subsequent repairs left a mis-match of fittings. The residents along the Terrace suffered from unwanted light shining into their houses and the extent of the light pollution cast much wider into the night sky.

The new lights use energy efficient LED technology to direct the light downwards and a warmer colour protects wildlife and reduces glare. The new lights are also mounted on restored original cast iron lamp posts which were reintroduced into the local street scene to reclaim the
original character of the Terrace.

A local resident said “The new streetlights are incredible, the fact they
reduce light pollution and electricity consumption is fantastic”.